Hosting, finally.

We are enthusiastic about web hosting. You are in the center of control.

0+ applications

Prepared with love for you. Click and run, dependencies and configuration already included.


Redundant storage, redundant hardware, offsite backup, multiple uplinks, UPS and diesel generators.

Individual support

We are here to help you.**


100% RECS certified Green Energy.

You got r00t

If you know what you are doing, you may ssh into the application and even become root.

Made in Germany

All your data is yours. Hosted in germany's best data centers in accordance with world's best data protection laws.

Test for free.

Up to 333 hours* of free testing after registration with no hidden fees.

Traffic included

Traffic is included on a fair-use basis.

No lock-in.

All applications are invoiced on an hourly basis only and can be deleted at any time.

Easy pricing

1GB disk € 0.001 / h
32MB RAM € 0.001 / h *

Register nowand test for free!

You will get 1,00 € for free which is enough to run a small ubuntu machine for up to 333 hours. When your credit is gone, we will suspend your applications.

READY applications

0+ web applications, ready to run with a single click.




READY appliance

If you need our world-class virtualization solution on premise or with your own software.

On premise or hosted

In your company or hosted in our premium datacenters


Scales from a single server to rack-full.


Our virtualization technology uses system ressources very efficiently and is blazingly fast.


Redundant storage together with our rock-solid backup solution. Don't fear failures anymore.

Batteries included

Get as many of our ready applications as you want and receive permanent updates.

Full support

From building applications to user management: We're there to help you.

* RAM is free when your application is not running.
** Free support for all operational issues (stability, performance, scalability). Limited application support for all open source applications.

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